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The Restart Democracy Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to drive innovations in democratic technology and practice. We are creating a series of Democracy Challenges where innovative democracy-enhancing technologies can be encouraged, fostered, and publicly tested in order to improve the state of the art.

Restart Democracy Prize

The Restart Democracy Prize for Secure Internet Voting is our inaugural competition. This will be the first in a series of competitions to improve existing and emerging voting technologies.

Who are you?

We are a small team dedicated to improving democracy. We bring our experience in law, technology, and entrepreneurship to this effort to upgrade democracy.

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Framing the Internet Voting Security Debate

The consensus of computer technologists, election officials, and other experts in voting technology holds that internet voting is very, very, hard. While I certainly agree with that assessment, it’s worth noting that the term “hard” is rather ambiguous. Indeed, one of the biggest issues with the internet voting debate right now is that we’re missing [...]

MLK, Technology and Democracy

“When we look at modern man, we have to face the fact that modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of the spirit, which stands in glaring contrast with a scientific and technological abundance. We’ve learned to fly the air as birds, we’ve learned to swim the seas as fish, yet we haven’t learned [...]

Coase’s Ballot

“A democracy is more than a form of government; it is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience” John Dewey Communication Communication opens the door to coordinated action. Instead of working alone, we can share our goals with others and work together to achieve more complex outcomes than we could if we [...]

We Changed the Slope

“When we spy our technological fate in the distance we should not reel back in horror of its inevitability; rather we should lurch forward in preparation.” Kevin Kelly Moore’s Law This is a post on timing, on our unique ability to control the slope of an innovation curve. Given the requisite will, we can flatten or [...]

What if Steve Jobs reinvented voting?

In a post on the Caucus blog, What Steve Jobs Understood that Our Politicians Don’t, Matt Bai opens the door to this question. It’s a provocative contrast. Bai states, “…the circuitry of the democracy remains essentially unchanged; a nation of voters who can find their cars and pay their mortgages online still can’t envision the day [...]

The first generation to say that voting is worthless

“Our parents are grateful because they’re voting,” said Marta Solanas, 27, referring to older Spaniards’ decades spent under the Franco dictatorship. “We’re the first generation to say that voting is worthless.” That’s a quote from, ‘As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe‘ a recent article in the New York Times on growing discontent with [...]

Grim Gallup Graphs

Not much explanation needed here. These graphs from Gallup tell a grim story, “Americans’ various ratings of political leadership in Washington add up to a profoundly negative review of government” Dissatisfaction is at or near record levels in every area polled and we’re now below Watergate-era levels on every one of these graphs. What’s the solution? Silver [...]

Inevitability is Uncontroversial

Secure internet voting will someday be a part of our democracy. Our confidence is founded on the following two premises: a secure and equitable remote internet voting system offers some improvement over the alternatives, and the timing of the transition to internet voting is left open. The logic is straightforward: A remote internet voting solution [...]

The Inevitability Argument

Cryptographer Ben Adida recently wrote a post, Online Voting is Terrifying and Inevitable in which he said, “Voting online for public office is a terrifying proposition to most security experts. The paths to subversion or failure are many… So, terrifying. And yet, I’m now pretty sure it is inevitable.” Ben’s post marks another step in [...]

Gaming the System

In addition to the project of exploring the broader argument in favor of increased research on internet voting, this blog will be a space to comment on relevant issues of the day. This post is written with that second goal in mind. There is mounting evidence that the American political system is  being gamed. David [...]

Internet Voting and Voter Participation

This entry is part 1 of an ongoing series covering the basics of internet voting’s effect on voter participation and beyond. Over the past decade, the response to the idea of internet voting has focused mainly on its potential security and reliability. In 2008, group of computer technologists drafted the Computer Technologists Statement on Internet Voting “warn[ing] policymakers [...]

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